Link Intterra Feature Services into AGOL

Use Intterra Feature Services in AGOL


Intterra Feature Layers need to be “linked” into an AGOL organization account for the Collector, Survey123, and Quick capture to be used.


Can use Intterra Feature Services in AGOL


  • Requires attention by the AGOL Organization Account Admin
  • Intterra Feature Services need GlobalID and Archiving enabled


Get link to REST endpoint from Intterra Maps.  The url is available in Intterra by opening the layer and selecting Details. 

To add to your ArcGIS Pro work session
  • Click Map > Add data > Data from Path. 
  • Use your Intterra credentials
To add to AGOL 
  • Log into ArcGIS Online account to add the “linked” service into account
  • Click Content>Add Items>From URL>
  • Paste REST service link
  • Add title and tags to the rest of the information