Logging In

Intterra is an access-controlled system.  Access to data and tools is based on roles and permissions

  • Contact your organization's Intterra Administrator for a username.
  • Open the "Welcome!" email from Intterra Communications and follow instructions to verify your new account within seven days.

Step 1: Verify Your Account

NOTE: If you don't see (or can't find) your verification email, check out  How do I reset my password after I get locked out of Intterra?  for helpful tips.
  • Click Verify Account.
  • Create a password and click Save (see requirements note below).
  • Click Home to go to the login webpage.
NOTE: Password requirements:
  • Must be a new password with at least six characters total.
  • Must include at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and one number.

Step 2: Login

Visit   portal.intterragroup.com  to begin:

  1. Enter your username.
  2. Enter your password.
  3. Check the Stay logged in box if you want your Intterra login to persist from one browser session to another (a session of the same browser type).  Otherwise, your login session will stay open for eight hours unless you close your browser or log out of the system first.  NOTE: DO NOT check if using a publicly accessed computer.
    • When checked, this allows a user to bypass the password entry for seven days.  (It is a rolling seven days - each time the user accesses the application, a new seven-day timer kicks off.)
    • Checking the box only applies to the browser that was used to originally select the "Stay logged in" feature.  (For example, the login session does not persist if opening an Edge browser when the original access was entered in Chrome.)
  4. Click SIGN IN.
  5. If you ever forget your password, click account recovery to create a new one.
Intterra will lock your account access if you enter your username and password incorrectly five times.  In that case, you can either reset your password (by clicking the account recovery link just under the blue SIGN IN button) - OR - you can wait 15 minutes and try your current password again.
Check out the Portal App where you can:
  1. Launch Suite - Choose Suite for the classic view of Intterra (map view) or Analytics for the dashboard (if available).  Portal will bring you back to The Latest.
  2. See The Latest news from Intterra.
  3. See the guides page (labeled with the customer name) with access to help docs, videos, and support for your system.
  4. Manage Settings (if you are an Admin).
  5. Manage your account and Log Out.