2022 Remote Sensing Tool Updates

This article summarizes updates and enhancement made to the Remote Sensing (aka Air Intel) Tool.

  • Housekeeping - KML style icons are all now hosted at https://cdn.intterra.io/public/icons.  Detection.png and Aircraft.png (not common) moved here along with all others. Any reference to https://apps.intterragroup.com/kml/syles/snc/ should be no longer be used in .kml
  • New Mission Notes - The Mission Notes file is used to provide a description of the mission and/or notes that are displayed in the Airborne Intel Tool under the FEATURES tab.  
  • Renewed capability for providing optional Feature Description narrative for images and videos.
misson andfeaturenarrative

  • New vector ProductTypes for unburned areas and attended campfires.
  • Update to ICD for providing optional ProductDescription in naming convention.

For details and sample products, check out  Remote Sensing Onboarding.