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Remote Sensing Onboarding

Integration of third party Remote Sensing systems with Intterra's Airborne Intel Tool provide near-real-time information to operations and partner agency personnel on wildfire and public safety events

The Airborne Intel Tool and the Remote Sensing systems have been designed to allow a user to monitor and receive intelligence from a Remote Sensing mission as well as to access data from previous missions.  A variety of video, imagery and vector 'tactical' products can be integrated.   
Here is an article describing the products, capability and use of the a  Airborne Intel Tool.

A secure Amazon S3 file sharing system is used by Remote Sensing and Intterra to exchange data. The Amazon S3 system requires an authorization credential issued by Intterra for data exchange.  Credentials will be sent to the Remote Sensing provider by the Intterra account manager/Integrations specialist during their onboarding period. 

Here is a detailed Remote Sensing Interface Control Document describing the Intterra/Remote Sensing Interface.  
Here are sample products to provide examples. Sample Products
New in August of 2023, we updated our Data Shipping App.  The Intterra Airborne Intel DSA is a Windows executable that makes the process of transferring common airborne intel files to your S3 bucket easier and eliminates the usual problems that come with it.  It supports users who are manually naming and copying files to S3. Click here to learn more.