Air Intel Mapping Layers Now Available

Heat perimeters, hot spots, detections and other mapped features from the intel aircraft are now available as map layers in addition to the airborne intel tool.

Points lines and polygons from air intel aircraft are loaded into map layers in real time as received by Intterra.  

  • Users can now view mapping from multiple missions without the need of the air intel toolNote: The air intel tool is still needed the to view and download imagery and videos.   
  • By default, users see the last 48 hours of mapping, but can choose to select all mapping.  
  • Each provider (aka Bucket) has its own layer. 

airborne etl

To view 

  1. Click on layers
  2. Click on the Air Intel layer nest (group) to turn on
  3. Open access sublayers
  4. Select what sublayers you want to view.  The most recent 48 hours is on by default.


  • Perimeters are labeled to provide the mission name when zoomed out and details to distinguish between missions when zoomed far in. 

  • Individual features can be copied to the incident map by users with incident edit credentials. 
Known issues with the airborne ETL process that we are looking into -
  • Some perimeter polygons are not being converted.
    • Firewatch AA51 perimeters that show both previous perimeter and new growth. 
    • Some Courtney Fireview fire perimeters don't process.
  • We are using the mission name provided by the aircraft to label products on the map.  This is creating some interesting combinations of labels for a single incident.