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How do I print a map?

You're wondering if you can print the map you see in Intterra?  You bet!  And you can complete that task using a few different methods.
  • Print directly from your browser.  (Caution: This generally works in every browser except Microsoft's new Edge browser.)
    • Set up the map view you want and making sure it fits the page size to which you are printing.
    • Press Control-P from any internet browser. 
    • Either print the file directly or change the printer destination to save it as a PDF file (that can then be printed later on a printer that may allow larger paper, like a plotter).
  • Take a screenshot (which you may want to crop).  To avoid the cropping step, consider using a smaller scale Snipping Tool (in Windows) or Cmd-Shift-4 (in iOS).  You can then paste the capture into a document, slide, or webpage to print or publish.
  • Export a Geospatial PDF (GeoPDF) that can be printed from a PDF viewer.  The interface allows you to email the GeoPDF to people who want to view it in Avenza Map or another GeoPDF viewer app.  See Layer Export Tool for more information.
NOTE: GeoPDFs are typically large files (due to the geospatial capabilities included).
NOTE: Map features are generally limited to those mapped in Intterra.  See the "Notes" box when emailing the file for more specifics.
NOTE: Map features may look slightly different because GeoPDFs must use vector graphics, which inherently look different from the raster graphics you may be used to.