New with GeoPDF Export

The GeoPDF export now includes AGOL layer types, vector basemaps, labels and a scale bar

The Layer Export Tool makes it possible to export your map to a geospatial PDF (GeoPDF).  This is a great way to share a map to other common field applications such as Avenza Maps, Foreflight, and more.  

The following are now supported: 

  • AGOL layer types - An increasing number of agencies are sharing map layers to Intterra via AGOL, including the NIFC National Incident Feature Service (incident mapping), National Fireguard Detections, and more.  
  • Vector basemaps - You can now use OpenStreetMap Vector, Topographic Vector, and three World Map Vector basemaps.

The following are now displayed on the PDF:

  • Map labels
  • A scalebar


  • The generation of a GeoPDF uses an updated technology that pulls data from the source layers rather than simple taking a picture of the image.  Only features in the current visible map extent will sent to the PDF generation service. Occasionally, external services will block export requests or limit the number of features allowed.  Some source layers may cause the export to fail and users will receive an export request error email.  Please close the dialog and adjusting your map extent and zoom level to get a more accurate export of the data.
  • None of the USGS basemaps are supported due to sharing limitations set by the USGS.
  • KML format layers are not supported.  There are only a couple - InciWeb, NIROPS Scanner Requests).  The PDF export will fail is one of these is selected.
  • Export of user-added layers of any format is not supported.