Search Layers Tool Enhancements

Users can now refine the search to a specific layer and data field prior to submitting a search - saving time and increasing search success on large datasets, for example parcels.

Search Layers in Intterra gives you the power to locate information from your system by entering a search term for a specific item that you expect to find in a given data layer.  All results are listed in the tool and highlighted on the map.

For example, I want to search the massive San Diego County Parcel layer to find all the parcels owned by a 'Wolfe' and display the results as a heatmap. 

Prep: Make sure the parcel layer is toggled on.  In the tools menu, select Search Layers.


  1. Select the Parcel Service (this what is shown in the layers menu)
  2. Click Refine By Layer and then select Parcels from the list
  3. Click Refine By Field and then select OWN_NAME1 from the list
  4. Click Search

For more information on the Search Layers Tool, click here.